Well, AK i v about. . upgrade path gives you been waiting for the best couple of days into the AK i personal. We are happy you can inform you that AK team has just noticed us about the AK i V . online. upgrade file on all the DSi V . online. , which is alleged to be released while June th. It has to be a tad strange for why not even the AK team produced it now as second R i cards The entire answer is quite straightforward that the AK soccer team need to do considerably more tests to ensure the type of upgrade path is strong even though there possibly will be some bugs by the future.

But that is AK team, the team motivation to minimize the problem as much as some people can. As for the very way to install the particular upgrade path for Nintendo dsi V . . the we were also warned that the way definitely is same as the step up file for DSi Vs . . , use to prevent possible get back to that this way on how to allow them to upgrade AK i charge card as below, The procedure used the . . replacement patch works the same equally the . . your. . patch. You could possibly take the .

. update bestinau.com.au given that a reference Guide during Updating AceKard i at work with DSiXL Firmware Update . . Know what you will need within order to update your AceKard all of us Card DSi Console using Firmware lower than any. X . E, very. J, . U & . An e.g a. or . OR Nintendo ds lite Lite Console AceKard document Card Loaded with many Firmware AKAIO . is. an AceKard i Upgrade for DSiXL . can. Download from acekarddownload.php In order to Check Your DSi Firmware Version Click ‘Setting’ when the Main Menu In about the right hand angle of the top filter it will say Extraordinaril .X

STEPS Unzip ‘AceKard i Update with regards to DSi . just. rar’ you must then have multiple files Updating with the aid of DSi use ak ifw_update_ _DSi.nds